Sistem IT Inventory Kawasan Berikat & Gudang Berikat


Diberlakukannya Peraturan Menteri Keuangan RI No. 147/PMK.04/2011 (sebagaimana telah beberapa kali diubah terakhir dengan PMK-44/PMK.04/2012) dan Peraturan Dirjen Bea dan Cukai No. 57/BC/2011 (sebagaimana telah beberapa kali diubah terakhir dengan PER-17/BC/2012) tentang Kawasan Berikat, mewajibkan Perusahaan yang berada di Kawasan Berikat memiliki Sistem Informasi Persediaan berbasis komputer untuk pengelolaan barang yang ditimbun di Kawasan Berikat untuk kepentingan pemeriksaan dan dapat diakses secara realtime dan/atau online terbatas hanya untuk membaca (read only) atau mengunduh (download) yang dilakukan oleh Pejabat Bea dan Cukai yang mengawasi Kawasan Berikat.

Kami menawarkan solusi bagi anda perusahaan manufaktur dan pergudangan di Kawasan Berikat yang ingin membangun sistim IT Inventory khusus Kawasan Berikat & Gudang Berikat. Silahkan klik link dibawah ini untuk penawaran kami.

Proposal IT Inventory Kawasan Berikat

Pen@Sys EXIM Trade System…

Pen@Sys EXIM Trade System

Pen@Sys EXIM Trade is one software for the front, mid­d­le and back offices, for trade and bu­si­ness tran­sact­ions, multi company, cur­ren­cy, com­mo­di­ty, so all your departments profit.

Use all or only some, but each de­part­ment’s software is full-fea­tu­red and all work se­am­less­ly together, more ef­fi­ci­ent than using se­pa­ra­te sof­t­wa­re from different vendors.

  Offer, Contract negotiation/ quotation

The first stage in the Pen@Sys EXIM Trade ap­pli­ca­tion is a new  contract, based on an external bid or buy/sell opportunities revealed during position analysis.
The proposed offer can be simulated (for prices, costings, qualites, etc.) to de­ter­mi­ne acceptability, and then converted into a new  contract.
You can also similarly simulate and cre­ate back-to-back contracts.
Otherwise, you can directly create a new contract from templates, from a pre­vi­ous contract, or from a personal set of models.
The  contract can be single or multi item, buy or sell, priced or unpriced.

Pen@Sys EXIM Trade concept of advancing the contract also allows the trader and tra­f­fic staff to finalise or refine avai­la­ble choices within the initial constraints of the contract, e.g. from an approximate to a precise commodity specification, or exercising physical options e.g. packing, port, etc.
A key element of this concept is to pre­ser­ve such replaced specifications and thus keep a full history of the contract.
■ Buy-sell-stock match reservations.
■ Hedging.
■ Price fixation.
■ Costing adjustments.
■ Shipment planning.

This section of the application deals with many of the traffic/execution operations, i.e.:
■ organising sell shipments
■ administrating buy shipments.

Invoices, etc.
The last section of the PHysical ap­pli­ca­tion concerns the financial transactions (invoices, debit/credit notes, fi­na­li­sa­tions, commissions, taxes, etc.) and operations (cash management, cost accounting, off-balance sheet, etc.).

  Financial & Accounting

– Cash Management
– Account Receivable
– Account Payable
– General Accounting
– Purchasing & Marketing Management
– Payroll (optional)
– Follow up

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