Pen@Sys EXIM Trade System…

Pen@Sys EXIM Trade System

Pen@Sys EXIM Trade is one software for the front, mid­d­le and back offices, for trade and bu­si­ness tran­sact­ions, multi company, cur­ren­cy, com­mo­di­ty, so all your departments profit.

Use all or only some, but each de­part­ment’s software is full-fea­tu­red and all work se­am­less­ly together, more ef­fi­ci­ent than using se­pa­ra­te sof­t­wa­re from different vendors.

  Offer, Contract negotiation/ quotation

The first stage in the Pen@Sys EXIM Trade ap­pli­ca­tion is a new  contract, based on an external bid or buy/sell opportunities revealed during position analysis.
The proposed offer can be simulated (for prices, costings, qualites, etc.) to de­ter­mi­ne acceptability, and then converted into a new  contract.
You can also similarly simulate and cre­ate back-to-back contracts.
Otherwise, you can directly create a new contract from templates, from a pre­vi­ous contract, or from a personal set of models.
The  contract can be single or multi item, buy or sell, priced or unpriced.

Pen@Sys EXIM Trade concept of advancing the contract also allows the trader and tra­f­fic staff to finalise or refine avai­la­ble choices within the initial constraints of the contract, e.g. from an approximate to a precise commodity specification, or exercising physical options e.g. packing, port, etc.
A key element of this concept is to pre­ser­ve such replaced specifications and thus keep a full history of the contract.
■ Buy-sell-stock match reservations.
■ Hedging.
■ Price fixation.
■ Costing adjustments.
■ Shipment planning.

This section of the application deals with many of the traffic/execution operations, i.e.:
■ organising sell shipments
■ administrating buy shipments.

Invoices, etc.
The last section of the PHysical ap­pli­ca­tion concerns the financial transactions (invoices, debit/credit notes, fi­na­li­sa­tions, commissions, taxes, etc.) and operations (cash management, cost accounting, off-balance sheet, etc.).

  Financial & Accounting

– Cash Management
– Account Receivable
– Account Payable
– General Accounting
– Purchasing & Marketing Management
– Payroll (optional)
– Follow up

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